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Promotion of Health Management

Health Management Declaration

Aicello aims to be a workplace where employees can work cheerfully and energetically with a healthy body and spirit, and is taking the following company-wide efforts to maintain its workers' health:
1. Announce the Health Management Declaration in and outside the company
2. Follow laws and regulations
3. Implement regular health examinations and maintain a health checkup rate of 100%
4. Promote health maintenance through hygiene managers and cooperation with specialized organizations
5. Agree on health goals through dialogs and cooperation between the company and its employees
6. Understand health-related issues and take necessary measures
 ・ Specific health guidance
 ・ Guidance to improve eating habits
 ・ Measures against passive smoking
 ・ Measures to prevent lifestyle diseases

Organizational Structure

The executive in charge of health management promotes health management and collaboration of integrated safety and hygiene manager, health management committee, external consultation desks and occupational physicians and public health nurses to maintain and improve the employees' health.

Strategic Health Management Map

We promote health management and practice measures related to maintaining and improving health in order to ascertain health issues and solve management issues.

Health Management System and Measures

1. Health Checkup Rate

Year implemented Checkup rate
FY2018 100%
FY2019 100%
FY2020 100%
FY2021 100%
*Excludes those absent for a long period of time, those on leave before or after childbirth, etc.

2. Stress Check Implementation Rate

Year implemented Test take rate
FY2018 98.5%
FY2019 99.8%
FY2020 99.9%
FY2021 100%

3. Interviews by Occupational Health Staff

We hold regular interviews with occupational physicians and health staff.

4. Support for Employees' Families

We support our lifestyles of our employees and their families in their work, private, and family lives.
We contract occupational health staff from external organizations, have a consultation desk with psychologists who provide on-site interviews and consultations on our employees' work-related and personal worries.