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Aicello supplies materials to some of the largest multinational companies to help create the products that touch our daily lives. Our products are utilized in production processes or component packaging of:
  • Planes that you fly - SOLUBLON® and BOSELON®
  • Computers that you work with - CleanContainers and HYPERCLEAN™ PE film
  • Cars that you drive - SOLUBLON® and BOSELON®
  • Games your children play with - CleanContainers and HYPERCLEAN™ PE film
  • Detergents that clean your clothes and dishes - SOLUBLON®
  • Foods that you eat - SOLUBLON®, SUZULON L, CleanContainers, HYPERCLEAN™ PE film


Volatile Corrosion Inhibiting Film
Packaging films containing Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors to protect metals from rust in the automotive and steel industries.


Water Soluble Film
A water soluble film based upon polyvinyl alcohol used in packaging, transfer printing, mold release, medical and other industries.


Containers for Ultrapure Chemicals
Containers for managing ultrapure chemicals used in the microelectronics, life science and other mission critical industries.


Ultra-clean Packaging for Mission Critical Application
Clean Bags with ultra low particle counts for the microelectronic, medical and food industries.


Sealant Film for Lamination
Food grade PE composite sealant films. Anti-static and fog-resistant grades are available.

Challenge to develop new technologies


"FIXELON" is a thermoplastic film that thermally bonds with different materials through heat and pressure.

SO Sheet

"SO Sheet" is a film with a two-layer structure consisting of a "PVA layer" and a "PET layer".

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