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Action Plan Based on the Women's Active Engagement Act

At Aicello, we have strived to create a workplace where women can work with peace of mind. We opened our own nursery room, Sora, in 2013 and have taken other measures to actively support women's childcare, and as a result, 100% of our female employees eligible for childcare leave have taken it.

Moving forward, we will continue to provide support from the human resource training side so that women with children can continue to be active in the workplace. We have also begun promoting men's participation in childcare and measures such as remote work and flex-time in order to create an environment where women can work easily even while they are raising children.

1. Duration of Plan

April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2025 (five years)

2. Our Challenges

(1) We have few female applicants, resulting fewer female engineers, and sales representatives.
(2) We have a low percentage of women in management positions.

3. Details and Periods of Goals and Initiatives

Goal 1: Hire at least one new female engineer or sales representative per year.
Goal 2: Double the number of women in managerial positions from 2019 to 2022, and increase the number of female section managers by 50% by 2024.
〈Initiative 1〉 Strengthen employment of women (New initiative since FY2016)

  • We have asked female engineers and sales representatives as recruiters and have them go to job fairs, universities, and other places and do PR by teaching students about their work and how it is meaningful.
  • We have implemented internships for female engineering and humanities students.

〈Initiative 2〉 Support female workers' career paths (New initiative since FY2017)

  • We have implemented self-assessments and career interviews by supervisors and HR for employees in the third, seventh, and tenth year. Based on them, the supervisors made a three-year training plan. The self-assessments, interview results, and training plans have been sent to an HR training committee comprised of executives, and the company as a whole supported employees in achieving their desired careers.
  • HR has interviewed employees in their 13th year and checked their intentions regarding future promotions. We have promoted active female employees who want to take a management position.

〈Initiative 3〉 Work-life balance support, making a work environment where it is easy to work and possible to raise or nurse a child while working

Since April 2020
  • We have set up a women's consultation desk so female employees can comfortably ask about any worries they have regarding topics such as their career plan, childbirth, and returning to work from leave.
  • We have provided interviews before, during, and after childcare leave so female employees can consult their supervisors about how they will work when they return to work.
  • We have encouraged men to take nursing leave when their spouse gives birth to participate in childcare.
  • We have gathered opinions on nursing and childcare from female employees and information on other companies' systems, and plan our own child raising and childcare support system.

Since April 2021
  • We have implemented a new child raising and childcare support system.

① Offer opportunities related to professional lives

【Percentage of hired workers that were female】 As of December 21, 2022
(Job type) (Male) (Female)
Engineering 50% 50%
Sales 83% 17%
Administration 15% 85%
Manufacturing 100% 0%
【Percentage of workers that are female】 As of December 21, 2022
(Job type) (Male) (Female)
Engineering 85% 15%
Sales 92% 8%
Administration 50% 50%
Manufacturing 96% 4%
【Percentage of managers that are female】 As of December 21, 2022
(Title) (Male) (Female)
section manager 91% 9%
Director class 92% 8%

② Balancing professional lives with family life

【Difference in average number of years of continuous service between men and women】 As of December 21, 2022
(Category) (Male) (Female)
Full-Time Employees 16.8年 13.4年
Temporary Employees 11.0年 8.5年
Part-Time Employees 4.3年 15.1年
【Average number of workers' hours worked overtime per month】
FY2022: 6.7 hours
【Percentage of workers who took paid leave】
FY2022: 64.9%