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Energy Conservation Activities

Aicello is engaged in improving production efficiency and reducing loss in its manufacturing department, improving by making energy visible, switching to LED lighting, practicing EG activities in indirect departments, and doing other activities.

Promote Visualization of Energy

We will improve our energy conservations efforts by installing equipment that can measure the amount of energy used in our major plants in detail, promote the "visualization" of energy to make our energy use easy to understand, and highlight the inefficiencies in our energy use.

Display of factory equipment electricity consumption

Switch to Energy-efficient Lighting

Our plants, warehouses, and offices have switched to LED lighting, and our indirect departments switch on electrical equipment only when necessary under the label of EG activities (Environment / Economy Good).

LED lighting inside the Aicello Distribution Center

LED lights inside one of our offices (Frequently switched off with string attached)

Improving Production Efficiency and doing Maintenance on Ancillary Facilities

The manufacturing department monitors energy usage inside plants and fixes areas that need improvement in order to reduce inefficient energy use due to leaks from air supply, steam supply and water supply, etc. It also conserves energy by changing to efficient operation of air compressors, air conditioners, and other equipment, and appropriate operation and doing regular maintenance of equipment for transporting raw materials overhead.

Maintenance of air compressor

Maintenance of equipment for transporting raw materials overhead