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Decarbonization Efforts

Aicello obtained the ISO14001:1996 certification (certification body: JAB, inspection application body: LRQA) on October 27, 2000.
Today, there are serious concerns over environmental problems such as the effects of global warming partially caused by the large amount of greenhouse gas emissions resulting from our economic activities. In order to address these environmental problems, Aicello believes it is necessary to make company-wide efforts to conserve energy, limit its greenhouse gas emissions, and actively spread awareness and educate its employees on the environment.Before, we focused on reducing large amounts of waste in order to address environmental problems, and have greatly reduced them as a result of many years of improvements. From now on, we will focus on using renewable energy and conserving energy, striving to create a low-carbon society.
At Aicello, we are promoting the Environmental Management System (EMS) and currently actively promoting the reduction of greenhouse gases through the use of renewable energy and energy conservation in order to preserve the environment and develop economically.

Compliance with Environmental Laws and Regulations

In order to comply with environmental laws, we practice the following:
・ Specification of appropriate environmental laws and regulations
・ Spreading awareness of environmental laws and regulations
・ Formation and implementation of internal rules to ensure compliance with laws and regulations
・ Compliance checks by third parties as part of internal audits

Product Safety

We have a specialized department monitoring harmful chemical substances that can get mixed in with products and are banned or restricted by laws related to chemical substances both in Japan and overseas.

Reducing Greenhouse Gases

We have made efforts to reduce Greenhouse Gas (carbon dioxide) emissions, through reduction of items produced through selection and concentration of businesses, relocation of production bases, optimized use of energy (energy conservation), installation of solar panels, renewal of energy facilities, energy conversions, and other activities.

Energy Conservation

We are engaged in improving production efficiency and reducing loss in our manufacturing department, improving by visualization of energy, switching to LED lighting, practicing EG activity in indirect departments, and other activities.

Resource Recycling (Zero Emission Activities)

Aicello aims to practice zero emission activities considering the entire process from purchasing materials to emitting waste. We produce products by the Green procurement, classify wastes from the production department and indirect departments, and take things that are difficult to use as resources and use them for sources of energy such as heat.

Environmental Conservation in Local Community

The Aicello Distribution Center on the east side of our headquarters is equipped with rooftop solar panels, powering solar power generation facilities, addressing the power supply conditions in the local area, and helping reduce the creation of greenhouse gases from generating power.

Development of Environmentally Friendly Products

Aicello collects materials losses in the manufacturing process and products that can be collected, then recycles and uses them to manufacture new products.