Clean bottles incorporates multiple functionalities other than clean properties. Users of Aicello Clean bottles rely and trust Aicello as the pioneer of Clean bottle technology

01Reliable Product Manufacturing

Manufacturing of highly clean and functional plastics bottles that cannot be replicated by other manufacturers

Aicello engages with multiple raw materials suppliers to improve quality. Aicello has inhouse mold and production machine production capabilites which allows us to customize clean specifications. The merging of our superior raw materials with our customized molding production facilities is what makes Aicello unique.

Clean Bottles are manufactured under strict quality control processes in Aicello's Cleanroom production facility.

Aicello has been measuring micro particle counts and metal ion particles since 1996. Accumulation of these data fed back to product development and quality controls revolutionized our product quality.

Accessible Techno Center

This is a facility for developing products that respond to the needs of customers while conducting open technical communications with customers. It is equipped with various types of equipment to conduct experiments, prototype creation, analysis, and measurement as required for development.

As a founding member of the SCC: Semiconductor Climate Consortium, Aicello constantly engages in climate change issues.

Aicello Corporation is a founding member of the Semiconductor Climate Consortium (SCC). SCC was established by Semiconductor Equipment and Manufacturing International (SEMI), an organization with members represented by companies in the semiconductor value chain and the electronics manufacturing and design supply chain.

SCC is the first global collaborative project by semiconductor companies committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Individually, SEMI member companies have made significant strides in sustainability, but they must pool industry resources to meet the daunting decarbonization challenges and meet tracking and reporting requirements across the value chain.

SCC members aim to set and prioritize sustainability goals and bring together the global semiconductor supply chain to create solutions.

Aicello's goal and reduction actitivities for greenhouse gas emmisions

02Ideas which generate Results

Recommendations are based on Aicello's multiple data analysis , development, design and converting expertise.

Ideas and support based on our expertise

Aicello Clean Bottle production started over 30 years ago.
Since introduction of our first bottle production, Aicello has overcome many challenges and accomodated countless customer requirements. Our expertise is based on these experiences.

Utilizing Blow molding/Injection molding/Extrusion Film Technologies

Aicello holds many resin converting technologies from blow mold manufacturing of Clean bottles, injection molding manufacturing for caps and part to inflation blown films manufacturing of films and bags. Aicello has a dedicated subsidiary for machine design, mold design and converting.

03Long Standing Clean Products Culture

Superior raw material, customized molding machine, precise analytical technology all play a part in the manufacturing of Clean bottles.
These are the pillars of Aicello's Clean Products Culture that is entwined in the manufacturing process. Operation management systems are important but Operator pride and confidence play a crucial role in production.
Aicello Clean Products Culture took many years to take shape and we consider this to be our greatest asset.

Aicello's Progressive Clean Technology

Merging the latest technology with Aicello's experience to produce superior clean bottles.

Carefully selected raw materials based on inhouse analysis to produce high quality clean bottles.

Inhouse mold manufacturing technology to produce stable quality clean bottles

D(Defect)-Zero Project

Semiconductor technology is continuously evolving with no end. This evolutionary path's ultimate goal defect ZERO.
This ultimate goal of defect Zero may be unattainable but Aicello has decided to embark on a defect Zero goal for our bottles.
The D-Zero project is the driving force in Aicello's Clean bottle evolution.

Aicello CLEANBARRIER™ BOTTLES are used in various industries

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