What are

"CLEANBARRIER™ BOTTLES" is highly clean multi-functional plastic bottle with Barrier and Light Shielding Properties. Aicello developed CLEANBARRIER™ BOTTLE to cater to the photoresist and related micro-electronic chemicals market. This light weight, durable highly functional design has many advantages compared to glass bottles. Industry has adopted CLEANBARRIER™ BOTTLE for its reliability and safety and is highly praised by industry. This cutting edge functional designed bottle has the potential to change the market standard.


Advantages and Strengths

Reasons Aicello and CLEANBARRIER™ BOTTLES are Selected

Aicello takes great pride in our production which has built the foundation of the Clean Bottle Production Culture. This is the culmination of Aicello production experience which cannot be replicated by our competitors. Aicello is always at the forefront and a leader in industry.

01Reliable Product Manufacturing

Aicello has over 30 years of Clean Bottle production experience and has been supply industry with the highest quality product. The production control and quality technology and standards have gained the trust of industry. Cleanliness, durability, sealability, barrier properties and light shielding properties all provide comfort to chemical manufacturers.

02Ideas which generate

Aicello manufactures blow molded bottles, injection molded parts for bottles as well as Clean films and bags produced by inflation film production. Aicello has inhouse design capabilites to produce molds and production machines for bottle production and can support customize unique product development based upon individual needs.

03Long Standing Clean Products Culture

Our bottles are manufactured with superior raw materials, customized production machinery and accurate production control technology. These are the building blocks of the Clean Bottle Production Culture and the reason Aicello Clean bottles are relied upon and trusted.


Multi-Functional Bottles Meeting Customers Needs

Solvent Barrier Properties

CLEANBARRIER™ BOTTLES are manufactured with a barrier material within the bottle wall to function as a barrier layer against solvent which cannot be done with standard plastic bottles. As a result, the CLEANBARRIER™ BOTTLE prevents chemical weight loss from within the bottle and prevent any unwanted materials from entering the bottle from the outside.* Unique Functions of CLEANBARRIER™ BOTTLES

Weight Reduction and Increased Durability

Clean bottles made from plastic are light weight, durable and resistant to breakage compared to glass bottles. Risk from broken bottles due to dropping and causing contamination and health risks to operators are greatly reduced when using Aicello Clean Bottles.

Light Shielding Properties

Some chemicals are affected by UV light. Photo-sensitive materials such as photoresists require UV shielding protection. Light shielding Clean Bottles will prevent UV light from affecting filled chemicals. Content visibility Bottles preventing UV light below 250nm are also available.

Low Residual Bottles

Low residual bottles are recommended for applications of high value products. The inside bottom of the bottle is convex. This gathers the residuals to the center of the bottle which allows for a diptube to siphon out as much content as possible to reduce waste.

Real World Applications

Supporting Wide
Variety of Industries



Photoresist (i-Line, KrF, Immersion ArF), BARC,
Low-k, Interlayer Dielectric Materials, Liquid Sealant
CMP Slurry and other Microelectronic Chemicals

Flat Panel Display

Color Resist, Black Matrix, Photo Spacer and other chemicals for Liquid Crystal Displays(LCDs), and OLEDs

Phamaceutical and
Cosmetic Use


Phamaceutical Additives, Active Phamaceutical Ingredients, Phamaceutical Intermediates

Food and Cosmetics

Cosmetic Materials, Food Additives, Flavorings


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