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About Us

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AICELLO philosophy


Demonstrate the highest level of commitment as an enterprise

Act in unison

Make a positive contribution to society through corporate activity


Mission Statement

Make a positive contribution to society through the manufacture of consistently high-quality, low environmental impact products that satisfy the ever-changing requirements of a variety of mission critical industries.

Employ motivated people and encourage them to make the most of their abilities.

To assemble the right combination of people and find a way to focus the determination and efforts of each individual towards the goal of the company. This involves not only employing highly skilled people but also creating an atmosphere which encourages each person to make the most of their abilities.

Approach business with the attitude that less packaging material is more beneficial.

We will strive to act responsibly through production of "low-to-non environmental impact products." In order to reach this goal, we will focus on the basics and provide products, systems, and services that are beneficial to society which has minimal impact on our surroundings.

Concentrate on niche market products "smaller the market, the better"

In order to make a positive contribution to society, focusing on smaller markets presents us with greater opportunities. We continually look for opportunities to develop new markets and strive to become the industry leader.

Realizing the significance of what “True Packaging” is about

Aicello’s standard theme in all products is “To Pursue True Packaging”
Japanese culture has always seen the importance of valuing and spiritualizing objects as though they have a soul.
The same values has held true for many generations in regards to "Packaging". By utilizing and understanding Nature's blessing, we find ways of cleverly maximizing full usage of Nature's materials.

We believe that packaging is like the atmosphere that surrounds the Earth.
If plastic products are not properly disposed of, they can pose a hazard to the environment. As a company that produces plastic products, we must further consider how we can become a safer and responsible corporation.

Aicello's environmentally-conscious corporate policies are based on the following principles:
  1. Consider ways to minimize the use of natural resources
  2. Reuse products and establish returnable systems
  3. Assume an aggressive position on recycling the plastics we manufacture
  4. Convert non-recyclable materials into sources of energy when reuse and recycle principles cannot be applied
  5. Concentrate research efforts on recyclable products. If new products cannot be recycled, develop products which have little impact as possible on the environment.
  6. Commercialize carbon neutral plant derived plastics
Aicello’s ultimate goal become a leader in new innovative packaging and to seek out “True Packaging”