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About Us

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Message from the President

AICELLO was founded in 1933 as “the MISUZU CELLOPHANE Company” is always conducting business with a spirit of honesty by following the three corporate mission statements.
  1. Demonstrate the highest level of commitment as an enterprise
  2. Act in unison
  3. Make a positive contribution to society through corporate activity
With our theme, “Applying Science to the Art of Packaging”, we aim to become “a group of people with a sense of vision and originality”, capable of supplying goods and services to the world which are genuinely useful unique.

As a company involved in manufacturing, we adapt to the change of time and environment and continue to progress and continually strive to find how we can contribute to the highest levels of culture and society. At the same time, we are determined to comply with laws, reduce our environmental impact and protect nature in order to fulfill our corporate social responsibility.

Wataru Makino
Executive President,