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Principles of Behavior

Keeping Integrity

  • We will abide strictly by all laws, regulations and corporate rules, both domestically and abroad, and will take strict action to rectify any violation from such, as well as to prevent its reoccurrence.
  • We will take responsibility for our role within the company, and will strive to educate ourselves and do the utmost to improve business results.
  • We respect the human rights of stakeholders who are affected by our corporate activities, and do our best to effectively abolish child labor and eliminate forced labor.

Respect for Originality

We will always make sincere efforts to judge every idea from a fundamental standpoint, and will strive to create products that express great originality.

Training of Employees

  • We will make efforts to hand down Aicello’s unique technologies and develop them, while training our staff to ensure that the wealth of knowledge can be utilized by the next generation of unique individuals.
  • We will support each member of our staff in their personal development, and will provide opportunities for staff to express their abilities.

Creation of an Environment that Facilitates Self-Realization

We will respect the individual personalities and diversity of all employees, and will strive to create an energizing work environment in which employees can communicate freely and actively.

Harmony with the Environment

We will work towards reducing the burden on the environment at all levels of our products’ lifecycle, by promoting resources and energy saving, reducing waste, and eliminating of harmful substances.

Sound Social Behavior

  • We will not provide unjust payoffs to politicians or local governmental organizations, in order to maintain a sound, transparent relationship with them.
  • We will never associate with antisocial groups, which may threaten social order or safety.
  • Comply with laws and regulations concerning bribery. Money and goods, entertainment does not have the relations of convenience or other payoffs at all for the purpose of obtaining an unjust profit for a public employee or the person of the viewpoint to follow it and a person of post of the private business partner regardless of the Japan inside and outside.

Mutual Beneficial Business Partnership

  • With an appropriate understanding of market requirements, we will take our role as a technology development corporation, and work in partnership with our customers to develop high added value and quality products.
  • Based on fair trade agreements, we will facilitate communication and build trusting relationships with our business partners, with the intention of benefiting both parties.

Protection of Information

We will strive to ensure that our own confidential information, business information relating to other companies, or information relating to individuals will not be compromised.

Protection of Corporate Assets

  • We will manage our corporate assets with the utmost care and will manage them efficiently in order to ensure maximum value.
  • We will strive to expand our intellectual property with the intention of facilitating sustainable development of our business.