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TARDON NC-02AS is a highly transparent flame-retardant antistatic film (sheet) that contains no halogen or phosphorous.
It is a highly flame-retardant film (sheet) that is conformant with UL-94 VTM-0. Workers can visually check through the film (sheet) as it is transparent. It also has antistatic properties, which prevents static discharge from the film (sheets) itself.


Visual confirmation of personnel working inside an enclosure made from protective sheets of TARDAN NC-02AS is possible. TARDAN NC-02AS can easily transmit light through its film, making it possible to work inside the enclosure without an inside light source.

Note: The transparent flame-retardant film (sheets) can be colored. Coloring makes it possible to distinguish the material and the curing area, helping to prevent the intrusion of foreign material.

Flame Retardance

Test Measurements Standard
Thickness 100µm JIS K7130 (1999)
UL-94 thin material vertical burning test VTM-0 conformant UL-94 VTM method (1996)
Oxygen index 30 JIS K7201 (1995)

Film Properties

Test Unit Measurements Standard
Thickness µm 100 JIS K7130 (1999)
Tensile load N 35 JIS K7127 (1989)
(chuck interval: 50 mm)
Tensile elongation % 360
Electrostatic half-life sec 1 Aicello method (1)
Specific surface resistivity Ω 1011 Aicello method (2)
Aicello method (1) : JIS L 1094 (1997) measuring device; JIS K 7100 (1999) standard atmosphere
Aicello method (2) : JIS K 6911 (1995) probe; JIS K 7100 (1999) standard atmosphere

Incineration Properties

Element Analysis

Test Unit Measurements Standard
Chlorine(Cl) ppm < 50 IC method
Fluorine(F) ppm < 5
Sulfur(S) ppm < 100
Bromine(Br) ppm < 5
Phosphorus(P) ppm < 50 ICP-AES method
ICP-MS method
Lead(Pb) ppm < 1
Zinc(Zn) ppm < 1
Silicon(Si) ppm < 50

Ash & Gross Calorific Value

Test Unit Measurements Standard
Ash % < 0.5 JIS K6228 A method(1998)
Gross Calorific Value J/g 40600 JIS M8814 (2003)

Note: The figures above are measured values. They are not standards.

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