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TARDON (Flame Retardant Film)

TARDON is a flame-retardant antistatic film (sheet) that contains no halogen or phosphorous, and exhibits excellent flame retardance and self-extinguishing properties.
TARDON is a film (sheet) that provides excellent flame retardance conformant with UL-94 VTM-0. It is mainly used as a protective screen in environments exposed to open flames, and prevents fires by resisting inflammation of the film (sheet) itself. It also has antistatic properties, which prevents static discharge from the film (sheets) itself.
It can be used for such applications as fire-resistant wrapping material, fire-resistant sheet, or protective screen.


1. Flame retardant / self-extinguishable

TARDON is a flame retardant self-extinguishable film (sheet) conformant with UL94 VTM-0. It prevents fires caused by sparks from welding and the like.
What is Flame Retardance?

2. Contains no halogen or phosphorous

This film (sheet) contains no fluorine, chlorine, bromine, or other halogen or phosphorous elements. Combustion does not release toxic or corrosive gases such as hydrogen halide or phosphine gas.

3. Antistatic

Handling the film (sheet) does not generate a static charge, and no sparks are generated by static charge when performing work (e.g. curing). It can be used safely in locations where organic solvents are handled.
What is Antistatic Property?

4. Sealing

The product can be heat fused, making it suitable for a wide range of post-processing, including forming into bags and building greenhouses.

5. Low Environmental Impact

  • The film (sheet) leaves no ash residue when burned as it does not include any inorganic materials.
  • The film (sheet) produces less waste, because it is rolled on cardboard tubes after being folded in half, thus halving the amount of cardboard tube waste. This also makes the product easier to transport, and reduces the amount of storage space required.
Note: When 900 mm folded film is used, it can be unfolded and used as 1,800 mm film.



Transparent Flame Retardant Antistatic Film


Flame Retardant Antistatic Film


Type Thickness Width Rolls Applications
Folded 100µm 900mm folded
50m Floors and walls in nuclear power plants;
equipment curing; construction curing;
Note: Please inquire for other sizes.

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